How to Use the Rubber Guard Mat in a Mixed Martial Arts?

You are confronted with a couple of choices when you have an opponent in your rubber guard:

Hide and await the referee to stop the battle

Choose to attack with what you understand, i.e., armbars, kimuras, triangular, etc. Ought to you attempt to trade impacts with your opponent, you may remain in a negative position, no word play is meant here. Your opponent is having gravity on their side, in addition to the capacity to end up their hips for boosting the force from their strikes.

When you get on your back, your capability to deliver an efficient impact becomes seriously disabled.

Open your closed guard, as well as attempt to escape back up to your feet. The trouble is, if your opponent is hostile, he may not allow you to flee.

Break your challenger’s stance, as well as strike utilizing the Rubber Guards. Also, getting to objective control, a minimum of you canhold your challenger at bay as well as deliver strikes using punches or elbow joints.

By obtaining your challenger’s hand to the floor covering, you’ll have properly taken one of your challenger’s arms out of the equation. So, they will try to punch you with the other arm; however, those strikes become telegrammed, in addition to your opponent is going to be opening themselves, as much as entries in the process of ending up their strike.

Rubber Guard: The Actions to a Typical Submission

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