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Are you finding the difference between the standalone and regular drawing tablet?

Jan 29, 2021

Tablet devices from Android and Apple iOS platforms have been available for many years for drawing, graphic design, and several other related purposes. Now days, it is a new trend of using the standalone drawing tablets which are highly capable of several features more than the regular drawing tablets. They are truly amazing devices which allow the artists and graphic designers to push their advanced creativity to next level. It is possible by reducing the gap between the reality and imagination through technology. Don’t think that the standalone drawing tablets are very much high in prices but they will surely fit your budget.

What is standalone drawing tablet?

Before looking for the best and suitable choice of the standalone drawing tablet from any leading brand, first of all you should have to understand what it is.

  • The standalone drawing tablet is nothing but the fully independent device which can be used to its complete features without necessary of computer or any other equipment.
  • It actually has everything it requires within itself thus it is absolutely not require connecting it to any computer. Hence, it is known as the standalone tablet device.
  • Another major feature of these tablet devices is their high portability. You can carry it anywhere and at anytime you want to enjoy drawing for your artistic works or graphic design purposes.
  • It is just like your mobile phone which combines both the hardware and software features together with the highest portability. Thus, it is coming into the stand alone category. Like that, these kinds of tablets are also coming into the category of stand alone with the highest level of portability.

Major differences between regular and standalone drawing tablets:

If you are using the regular drawing tablets for graphic design or any other drawing works, it requires connection to a computer to access some applications and features. This is why they are completely depending on the desktop or laptop computers. Some models of regular drawing tablets have a screen whereas others don’t have. Similarly, they are only for note taking and drawing. You can’t able to do the complex graphic designs with regular drawing tablets. When it comes to their price, it ranges from cheap to expensive according to the model.

If you are considering the standalone drawing tablet, it doesn’t require a computer thus it is completely an independent device. All standalone drawing tablets compulsorily have their own screen and contain multi-purpose nature with the built-in applications and software programs. With this main reason, they don’t require connecting to the computer for any additional access. As compared to the regular drawing tablets, the standalone drawing tablets are slightly expensive because of their advanced features for your advanced graphic design. If you are doing the largest graphic design project or you are an artist requiring such features, you can go for the best branded standalone drawing tablets such as Apple iPad Pro, Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab s6, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and more currently existing in the market.



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