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Black toilet – modern design trends

Mar 27, 2021

It is not easy to create an interesting toilet design, especially if the room is small in size. The use of black allows you to create a design in a modern or classic style without any worries. Dark finishes or plumbing look noble and unusual. Many interior styles with Black Toilet Seat can be realized with black.

Basic Rules

Dark colors are quite moody in the interior. They must be applied in compliance with certain rules:

  • It is necessary to decide what exactly will be black – decoration or plumbing;
  • Decorating everything in one shade is not worth it, the smaller the toilet is in size, the less dark it should be;
  • Black must be combined with other, lighter shades;
  • To soften the color, you need to use bright details or decor items;

Scratches and dust on dark surfaces are conspicuous.

Black eats away the light, making the room darker. Therefore, you need to take care of bright lamps so that the interior does not crush. It should be borne in mind that the finish is matte, glossy, and metallic. You need to use one type, but you can combine textures.

Variety of designs

Toilet models can be divided into two floor-standing and wall-mounted models. The first design option is usually a monoblock with a drain tank that is fixed to the floor. Suspended structures are more miniature and are attached to the wall; in this case, the drain tank is usually built into the wall, but this option may be unacceptable for small rooms. Also, the drain tank can be positioned at the top or on the side.

Design models of toilets vary in shape. The standard oval version is the most neutral and generally accepted, however, when combined with a rather extravagant color, many prefer an unusual shape. For instance, a square toilet might be motivating, although it happens not to be very suitable to use. You can also find rectangular options with rounded corners, trapezium-shaped toilets, or abstract streamlined shapes – all these models will add to the design of your bathroom even more original.

So that a toilet bowl with an unusual color and design does not stand out from the overall design, many decide to support this piece of furniture with a second product made in the same style. For example, it could be a bidet or a sink. The often unusual construction of these items creates a coherent ensemble and perfectly underlines the progressive interior design.

In addition to the advantages, this type of toilet has a number of disadvantages.

It happens to be essential that the black toilet use to be in harmony with the rest of the plumbing items. Otherwise, the whole concept of bathroom design will be violated. This leads to additional costs associated with updating the plumbing, in the event that the toilet is combined with a bath.

On a dark surface, traces and smudges are more clearly visible, which are formed due to substances that make up tap water. Also, dust will be more visible on a black surface. Thus, this choice requires more common and detailed cleaning.

For especially impressionable people, a black toilet can seem like a rather gloomy piece of furniture, especially when combined with other dark plumbing fixtures.



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