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Things That Make Horror Movies So Scary

Dec 25, 2020

Horror movies use the common phobias and weaknesses in people to scare them quickly. Watching a horror movie with your family can be a fun experience. However, keep in mind that the movies shouldn’t be PG rated if you’re thinking of bringing your children with you.

But what is it that makes horror movies scary? Well, let’s a take a look at a few things which make horror movies what they are, scary.

Death And The Fear Attached to It

The fear of death is the greatest fear in any person’s mind. It can scare off many people watching the movie as well by creating a suspense. Horror movies aren’t complete without deaths.

Dark Places

We have always been afraid of the dark places around us. It isn’t the dark that we’re scared of. But it’s the horror of what it might be hiding from our eyes. The main reason for humans to be scared of the dark is that we can’t see what’s hiding in a dark place.

So, if you’re planning on watching a horror movie, watch it in a darkened place to double the fun and horror of the movie.

Crawling Things

Crawling things, like rats, snakes and spiders add a touch of extra horror to an already scary movie. People are usually afraid of these things in real life as well, so, they can scare us off if they are touching human skin in the movie.

You can watch scariest movies determined by viewer’s heart rate, as more scary a movie is, higher is uts ability increase the heart rate of the viewers.

Scary Places

Scary places, such as haunted houses is a must in horror movies. Also, dungeons, graveyards, thick forests, basements and attics serve the role of scary places in such movies.



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