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Tips before buying a meat grinder

Mar 22, 2021

A meat grinder is a really practical utensil since it allows people to control the quality of the products they are going to consume.

And, when you buy ground meat directly, you run the risk that it is of low quality because it is difficult to predict what the final result will be.

You might think that they are typical of butchers, but the fact that domestic mincers have appeared at very affordable prices has triggered the sales of this small appliance.

How a meat grinder works

A traditional meat mincer from meatcheftools.com is a kitchen utensil that consists of a spiral shaft that, as it moves through a lever designed for this purpose, pushes the meat towards a series of blades that are shaped like a propeller. , so that finally, it comes out cut through the holes in the device, also made of metal.

Nowadays, the procedure has become much simpler, with the arrival of electric models to which only the meat must be put and let it make different types of thickness in the cuts.

Buying a meat grinder

When buying a meat grinder there are a number of aspects to take into account, especially from the perspective of what will be done with the mincer once it has been purchased, whether for commercial use, at home, sporadic, among these aspects stand out:


According to the price of the product varies in its capacities, everything will depend on the budget that is allocated for it, and of course, on the machine that you want to buy. There are cheap meat mincers that cost 15 euros, or less, these are quite rudimentary and basic models, almost always manual, but quite compliant in the basics.

As prices increase you can get models of up to 170 euros, although in the range of 50 euros there are more modest electric models but with some implements and several types of blade, which gives the opportunity to chop things other than meat, such as vegetables, nuts, cheeses, some have the necessary tools to make pasta, cookies, among others.

Among the most expensive are models capable of mincing up to two kilos of meat per minute, designed more towards the commercial area.

Types of mincer

Depending on the amount of use that is going to be given to it, you can choose between the two basic types of mincers, on the one hand, there are the manual ones, which work mostly with cranks, while the person turns it drives the meat towards the blades who are in charge of getting the job done.

On the other hand, there are the electric mincers, they can have several speeds and even exist with reverse gear to avoid any type of jam, they are easy to use, but it is more complicated to keep control over the cutting speed because there are that have too much power and perhaps that is not what the user is looking for.

There are some models with the “chopdrop” technology, which consists of a different way of activating the device, it is about adding the choppers in the container of what will be chopped, putting the lid, which has the motor and pressing down, this activates the blades that do the work and stop immediately when the pressure is released.

This is really useful when you want to make fairly specific cuts or you must take special care because it is delicate foods or very fatty meats that could clog a traditional mincer.



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